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Speak it out
Learn how to say Chinese words using pictures…
This course is aiming at the difficulty to analyze the structures and writings. You can learn how to write, pronounce and master the Chinese character“一”. Strongly recommend this course at the beginning of learning Chinese.
The Best Animal
"The Best Animal"is a joke. You can learn Chinese easily in a fun way by bringing jokes into Chinese learning. This course adopts a fast, convenient teaching mode instead of traditional and dull methods, with vivid scenic pictures and interesting stories. With Chinese sound and English subtitles.
The course will tell you three humorous and vivid stories about tigers and explain the meaning and use of the idioms. You may try to use the idioms in your daily dialogue after study.
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Life in Beijing
Keywords :life
Difficulty :Elementary
Teacher :lili
Price :$59.90
Languages :English
Release Time :2008/7/2 17:11
Popularity :★★★★★
In “Life in Beijing”, you will learn some daily Chinese for dining, shopping, asking for directions, and so on. “Life in Beijing” particularly emphasizes daily communication. It contains all kinds of expressions and cultural phenomena in daily life over 10 topics: making new friends, ordering dishes, shopping, seeing a doctor, making a call, visiting somebody, playing sports, dressing, having a birthday, talking about health and animals. You can master words and expressions commonly used in daily life quickly and communicate with people better.
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10 minutes Chinese for kids
I'm in Beijing
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