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  • About Us
    Tang Chinese Education & Technology Ltd. (TangCE) was founded in 2006. It is the sole company in China that integrates Chinese education research, product development and network promotion to provide global Chinese education services.
    TangCE’s experts in Chinese education and from the telecom and IT industries have used the latest teaching methodologies and cutting-edge technology to establish the “Tang Chinese Education Network Service System”. It is the first external education network service system in the world which allows users to upload contents, cooperate, improve their skills and benefit together.
    We provide Chinese learners around the world with various customized online education services, aiming to achieve the Chinese learning dream: “High Speed & High Satisfaction, Any Place, Any Time”.
    We provide Chinese teachers around the world with online multimedia and real-time video education service systems. We also supply professional training and standardized certification to online Chinese teachers, helping them to establish their own businesses.
    We provide all organizations around the world who are committed to the Chinese education a wide range of teaching resources, a worldwide market and an international Chinese education network.
    Tang Chinese Education, Global Chinese Learning.

    After continuous efforts and innovation, Tang Chinese Education has formed cooperation with many domestic and foreign education institutions and technology agencies to jointly establish international Chinese education network.

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    Fax:(8610)8233 2171
    For Customer Support:support@tangce.net
    For Business Services:business@tangce.net
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